Frequently Played Songs on the 90s Radio

Frequently Played Songs on the 90s Radio

Frequently Played Songs on Radio Era 90s – Radio is an information or electronic media that has many fans in the 90s. In that era, young people and also parents made radio a means of socialization and also entertainment.

In the 90s, radio was listened to more by the public than television at that time. As you know that television station doesn’t have many broadcasts, only TVRI. And again, the triumph of radio has not yet become extinct and is still in great demand by the wider community including young people.

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Frequently Played Songs on the 90s Radio

Various radio broadcasts often make interaction with the listener so that the closeness of the listener and broadcaster is more intertwined. If you are one of the listeners of the 90s, you must know some songs that are often played before the broadcast ends.

The Moment

Diera you must often hear this song at midnight at 24.00. This song is one of the songs that is always played to close the final broadcast. The instrument of the song music The moment by singer Kenny G really helps the listener to enjoy sleeping.

Beautiful Girl

Beautiful girl is also one of the songs that is always tuned before the broadcast ends in the 90s. The song from Christian Bautista has become the most favorite song for listeners to be eagerly awaiting tomorrow.

Heaven Knows

For those of you who are one of the listeners in the 90s, you must know this song sung by Rick Price. Many radio stations play this song as the ending song of the broadcast. This song is a song that gives positive energy to the listeners.

Watching Over You

As you know the radio at curfew will end the broadcast. And the end of the broadcast will be closed with music from several mandatory songs that are often played, one of which is a song titled watching over you. This song can be a messenger when you listen to the final radio broadcast.

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