List of the Most Heard Radios

List of the Most Heard Radios

List of the Most Heard Radios – Radio is a media that has existed since time immemorial before the existence of television. This item has the same function as television, which is for broadcasts that inform various things such as news, music, and others. But it’s just that on the radio there is no screen, just the voice of the announcer or guest of the broadcast.

The radio listeners really enjoy a variety of broadcasts such as for example the broadcasting of new music, old school music playback, horror story broadcasts, the latest news, and various other kinds.

List of the Most Heard Radios

Although radio is considered as a very old media and many people think radio is almost extinct. You are mistaken, because radio still has loyal listeners. And many radio stations have started to keep pace with the times by providing a variety of fun radio programs to entice listeners not to get bored.

Radio still has a lot of interest because as you know, radio is still one of the media that you will find in many cars or other vehicles, besides motorcycles. The existence of a radio in the vehicle is intended for drivers to stay awake and not feel bored on the road.

Radio Broadcasts Still Have Many Listeners

Although radio is still widely heard by the public, many people choose radio stations randomly. In the following we will inform you of a list of radio stations that are most often heard by the public.

Sonora 92.0MHz
El Ganges 103.9MHz
Rhadio A 96.7MHz
Pesona Gita Anindita 103.8MHz
JakFM 101.0 MHz
GenFM 98.7MHz
Cakrawala Gita Swara 98.3MHz
Voice of Metro 911 107.8MHz
Elshinta 90.0MHz
Prambors 102.2MHz
Hard Rock FM 87.6MHz
FemaleĀ 99.5MHz

There are still many radio stations that have quite a number of listeners until now. This proves that radio has not become one of the extinct media due to the development of the times, but the radio participated in technological advancements by making broadcasts of video forms that will be broadcast live on a contemporary platform, YouTube.

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