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The following list has been requested. What bands and albums are currently in the playlist? I will do my best to keep this list current. All Brass Band Radio is constantly changing tracks and adding and removing tracks. That is why your votes on the main page are so important!

Also, you can look for your favorite band (or maybe your band). If you do not see something that might be interesting to All Brass Radio, you can make a suggestion. Just send an email to
Jim. Also, if your band wants some free publicity and airtime, feel free to donate a CD. Address is on the front page or email me to do so electronically (various methods are available).

The very first band to donate a CD to the station, probably about 15 years ago was
Guernsey Concert Brass. Tracks from the CD are on the playlist today. I do not just play tracks from the very top ranked bands, but like play many various bands (they do have to be a reasonable quality).

You will find lots of Salvation Army Bands, US Bands, European Bands, Australian Bands and even one band from Japan! They play alongside some of the top bands from the United Kingdom, although some European bands and even US bands have started to sneak up the "
top band list."

This list is quite long, and it changes frequently. I have hundreds of CDs at the moment that no tracks are being programmed currently. But to keep the list from becoming "stale" tracks are changed out. Again, I love suggestions.

I am pleased that governments around the world have contributed and hope they continue to do so. The
US Army Brass Band, The British Army Brass Band, The Swiss Army Brass Band, HM Royal Marines Fanfare Team, and the New Zealand Army Brass Band are fine representatives of their countries (not all bands above have direct links, this is the best I could find).

Recently Added CDs

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Approximately 244 CDs are listed here (the list is always changing). I add and remove tracks due to the voting, new CDs being published and donated CDs. If you have a request, please email me, Dr. Jim Fox. Listen to the All Brass Band station, commercial free, on the home page!
10th Anniversary - Brass Band of Central Florida
15 - Brass Band of Central Florida
25 Years of the European Brass Band Championships - Froschl Hall Brass Band
75 Not Out! - Fairey Band
80 Years in the Making - Virtuosi GUS Band
100 Brass Band Classics (1990) - Various Artists
150 Years of the Black Dyke Band - Black Dyke Band
A Brand New Day - Waldsang Brass Band
A Celebration - Croydon Band
A Classical Celebration - Roberts Bakery Band
A Life Worth Living - Hendon Salvation Army Band
A Musical Celebration - Blast
All Star Girls of Brass - All Star Girls of Brass Band
Amazonia - Brass Band Berner Oberland
American Rhapsody - Brass Band of the Potomac
Americans We - Brass Band of Columbus
American Voices - Georgia Brass Band
An Easter Tale - Boscombe Band of the Salvation Army
Andrew Lloyd Webber in Brass - Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band
An Evening at the Citadel - Norwich Citadel Band
Anthology - Dalewool Auckland Brass Band
Another Encore - Black Dyke Band
Anzac - Woolston Band
A Ransom Note - NSK-RSP Ransom Band
A Suffolk Prelude - Ipswich and Norwich Co-op Band
At The Movies - Swindon Pegasus Brass Band
A Walk on the Light Side - Hendon Salvation Army Band
Back to the 40's - Staffordshire Band
Back to the Future - Willebroek Brass Band
Bandology - London Central Fellowship Band
Battle Ready - Melbourne Staff Band
Because - Hitchin Band
Best of the Swiss Army Brass Band - Swiss Army Brass Band
Black Dyke Gold - Black Dyke Band
Black Dyke Gold VI - Black Dyke Band
Born to be Alive - Brass Band de Waldsang
Brass Band Collection Broadway - London Studio Brass Band
Brass Cinema 3 - Brass Band Burgermusiik Luzern
Brass Cinema II - Brass Band Burgermusiik Luzern
Brassed Off - Grimethorpe Colliery Band
Brass Pearls of Switzerland - Black Dyke/Cory
Brass Explosion - Foden's Courtois Band
Brass in Concert - Foden's Band
Brass to the Fore - Various Bands
Britannic Salute - Various Bands
Building with Brass - Tredegar Town Band
By Request - Grimethorpe Colliery Band
By Request Co-op - Co-Operative Funeralcare Band
By Request II - Grimethorpe Colliery Band
By Request Vol. 1 - CWS Glasgow Band
Capitals of the Worlds - Driffield Silver Band
Caribbean Beat - Willebroek Brass Band
Castell Coch - Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band
Celebration - Fountain City Brass Band
Celebration Countdown - Willebroek Brass Band
Church Windows - Norridge Citadel Band
Come Follow the Band - BNFL Band
Completely Catherall - Ever Ready Band
Courtois Showcase Foden's Courtois Band
Crown Imperial - Leyland Band
Day of the Dragon - Cory Band
Desford Live - Desford Colliery Band
Destination Moon - Cory Band
Diamond Celebration - Rushen Silver Band
Dreams - Brass Band 13 Etoiles
Earth Fire Water - Sheldon Theatre Brass Band
Elemental - Cory Band
Elton John in Brass - Yorkshire Building Society Band
Emotions - Ensemble de Cuivres Valaisan
Endeavour - International Staff Band
Fairey's Plays Pop - William Fairey Band
Famous Marches from the Bandstand - Brass Band de Waldsang
Fanfare from Foss Dyke - Foss Dyke Band
Fantasia - 2nd Rossendale Scout Band
Festivity - Enfield Citadel Band
Fiesta - Melbourne Staff Band
Fire in the Blood - International Staff Band
Firestorm - US Army Brass Band
First Class Brass - Brass-Band Fr
öschl Hall
First in Flight - North Carolina Brass Band
First Through Faith - Consett Citadel Band
Five Blooms in a Welsh Garden - Seindorf Beaumaris Band
Flower of Scotland - Co-Operative Funeralcare Band
Flower of Scotland - CWS Glasgow Band
Flyin' to the Skies - Black Dyke Band
Forever Shining - Black Dyke Band
Freedom - Williams-Fairey Engineering Band
Game of Thrones - New York Low Brass
Genesis - Black Dyke Band
Ghost Train - Fodens Richardson Band
God & Country - New York Staff Band
Goldcrest - International Staff Band
Grand Russian Fantasy - Atlantic Brass Band
Great Cinema Hits - Black Dyke Band
Green and Gold - Guernsey Concert Brass
Grimethorpe 100 - Grimethorpe Colliery Band
Grimethorpe in Concert -Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band
HBB One - Houston Brass Band
Hostile Skies - Waldsang Brass Band
Hymn of the Highlands - YBS Band
Hymn and Marches - Brighouse and Rastrick Band
Hymns and Things - Besses o'th Barn Band
Hymns for Everyone - Bristol Eastern Band of the Salvation Army
Images for Brass - Williams Fairey Band
Immeasurable - Bellshill Salvation Army Band
In the Search for Atlantis - Freckleton Band
Journey Home - Unison Kinneil Band
Just for Fun - Black Dyke Band
Jubile - Ancienne Cecilia
Jubilee - International Staff Band
Land of Song - Cardiff Canton Salvation Army Band
Las Vegas Swing - Las Vegas Brass Band
Legacy - Wotton Silver Band
Letter from Home - Friary Guildford Band
Liberty Fanfare - Kirkintilloch Band
Listen to the … - Prairie Brass Band
Live and Kickin' - Illinois Brass Band
Live in Canada - Brighouse and Rastrick Band
Live Vol. 1 - Brass Band of Battle Creek
Lively!! - Chicago Brass Band
Made in Canada - Canadian Staff Band
Magic of the Movies - Stonesfield Silver Band
Memories - Mount Charles Band
Men of Stone - Cory Band
Metropolis — Atlantic Brass Band
Minerva - Brass Band Burgermusik Luzern
Mission in Brass - Brighouse and Rastrick
Mosaic - Eikanger Bjorsvik Musikklag
Mountain Song - Brass Band Berner Oberland
Movie Brass - Grimethrope Colliery Band
Mumbo Jumbo - Ransome Band
Musicals - Household Troops Band
Music from the Bandstand - Redbridge Brass Band
My God and King - Melbourne Staff Band
Nefarious - Fairey Band
New Zealand Brass - New Zealand Army Brass
No More Blues - Bones Apart
Of Gods and Kings - Fodens Band
Omnium Gatherum - Brass Band of Central Florida
On Parade - Various
On the Road - New York Staff Band
On Track - Woodfalls Band
Opus 3 - Lexington Brass Band
Our Mining Heritage - Desford Colliery Band
Over the Horizon - Cory Band
Pastoral Brass - Kettering Citadel Band
Patrons' Choice IX - Foden's Band
Patrons' Choice V - Foden's Band
Patrons' Choice VII - Foden's Band
Pbb - Paris Brassband
Pearls - Brass Band Berner Oberland
Perihelion - Cory Band
Power of Brass - Oberaargauer Brass Band
Premier Brass 2010 ReUnion - Amsterdam Staff Band
Proclamation - Pasadena Tabernacle Band
Promenade Music from a Royal Jubilee -Grimethrhope Colliery (UK Coal) Band
Prince Bishops - Ever Ready Band
Quest - International Staff Band
Raveling, Unraveling - Cory Band
Reflection - Clifton and Lightcliffe Band
Reformation - Chicago Staff Band
Remembrance - Brass Band 13 Etoiles
Rise of the Phoenix - Clifton and Lightcliffe Band
Riverhead - Marsden (Ossett Brewery) Silver Band
Rendez-Vous in Brass - Amsterdam Staff Band
Rolling Along - Roberts Bakery Band
Rule Britannia - Britannia Building Society
Salvation Army Music - International Staff Band (1960)
Saturday Spectacular - Brass Band of Battle Creek
Screen Blockbusters - Black Dyke Mills Band
Seize the Day - Pikes Peak Brass Band
Shine as the Light - Pikes Peak Brass Band
Showbizz Forever - Brass Band Willebroek
Showtime Hits of the Stage and Screen - Dalewool Auckland Brass
Shaking'… Not Stirred - Illinois Brass Band
Sing Sang Sung - Brass Band of Central Florida
Sirius - Kew Band
Soliloquy - Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band
Sounds of the Sound - Rushen Silver Band
Sparking Brass - Willebroek Brass Band
Spiritual to the Bone - Spiritual to the Bone
Strike up the Brass! - South Brisbane Federal Band
Storytelling - Cory Band
Strangers in the Night - Brighouse and Rastrick Band
Stratos - Flowers Bands
Sunburst - US Army Brass Band
Strike Up the Brass - South Brisbane Federal Band
Swingtime - Brisbane City Temple Band
Symphonic Brass and Folk Songs - Brass-Band Fr
öschl Hall
Tair Gwaith iGymru - Ebbw Valley Brass
That's Entertainment - Besses o'th' Barn Band
The Adventurers - International Staff Band
The Band Played On - Sellers Engineering Band
The Bandsman's Tale - Enfield Citadel Band
The BBC Swings - Brass Band of Columbus
The Best of Brass Bands - Various
The Best of Brass Cinema - Brass Band Burgermusik Luzern
The Best of Brass Fanfare & Flourishes - Rolls Royce Coventry Band
The Best of Brass Timeless - Rolls Royce Coventry Band
The Best of Goff Richards - Brighouse and Rastrick Band
The Champions - Brass Band of Columbus
The Cornet Heritage Collection Vol. II - Black Dyke Band
The Heaton Collection - International Staff Band
The Incredible Polysteel Band - Polysteel Band
The Legend of King Arthur - Foden's Band
The Lost Chord - Clifton and Lightcliffe Band
The Lure of the Red Jacket - Foden's Band
The Nationals Brisbane - Various
The Greatest Musical Hits - Tredegar Town Band
The Old Rugged Cross - EYMS Brass Band
The Old Wells Vol. 1 - SP&S Band
The Pioneers March - CWS Glasgow Band
The Planets - Black Dyke Band
The Power of Romantic Love Songs - Brisbane Excelsior Brass Band
The Raid - Cory Band
The Return of Legends - Brighouse and Rastrick Band
The Tradition Continues - Melbourne Staff Band
The Very Best of Grimethorpe - Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band
The Vikings - Eikanger Bjorsvik Musikklag
The Voice of the Tenor Horn - YBS Band
The Way We Were - Cory Band
This is Brass! - Brass Band de Waldand
Through the Flames - Black Dyke Band
Ticket to Ride - Lydmet Lydney Band
To Boldly Go - Melbourne Staff Band
Top Brass - British Army Brass Band
To The Highest - Coventry City Salvation Army Brass Band
Trailblazers - Household Troops Band
Tredegar in Concert, Vol. 1 - Tredegar Town Band
Triptych - Brass Band Pro Rege Heerenveen
Triptych - Brass Band Soli Deo Gloria Leeuwarden
Two Part Invention - Cory Band
Victory - Whitburn Band
War of the Worlds - Brighouse and Rastrick Band
We Will Rock You - Willebroek Brass Band
Whirligig - Brassband de Bazuin Oenkerk
Where Duty Calls - Edinburgh Gorgie Band (from 78 rpm)
Where Duty Calls - Kettering Citadel Band (from 78 rpm)
Where the Irwell Springs - 2nd Rossendale Scout Group Band
World Concerto Bass Trombone and Brass Band - Amsterdam Staff Band
Wreath of Courage - Household Troops Band
Yorkshire Heritage - Hepword Band
Your Favourite Classics - Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band