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The North American Brass Band Association (NABBA) is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the British-style brass band movement in North America. With bands and musicians covering 15 states and Canada as well as ranging from school-age youth to senior citizens, NABBA has become a true force in the arena of amateur musicians and brass banding across North America and across the world.
At a time when music in general is under all kinds of pressures and reversals there is, against all the odds, at least one area that appears to be growing: the brass band movement in North America. Every year sees the birth of new brass bands around the country, a phenomenon that is productive and positive in every possible way. The North American Brass Band Association has attempted to serve this growing and vibrant movement both through its annual National Championships and wider outreach programs. 
Formed in 1983, its Articles of Incorporation state NABBA has been formed to:
  • Sponsor and hold local, state, regional, national and international contests for the purpose of improving the performing standards and abilities of amateur British-type brass bands.
  • Foster, promote and otherwise encourage the establishment, growth and development of amateur and professional British-type brass bands throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Support and help further the music education of its members and to advance the public’s appreciation of British-type brass bands.
  • Serve as a resource for musical and organizational assistance to amateur British-type brass bands throughout North America.
30+ of the best British Style Brass Bands will completed Saturday, March 11 for the NABBA Championship in the Overall Championship Section, First Section, Second Section, Third Section, Youth Section, and Youth Open Section.

For the first time this year the contest was streamed on a "Pay Per View" basis. Personally I was too ill to attend, but the Pay Per View was a great second option.

Here are the 1st and 2nd Place Results for each division as they were announced on Saturday night:

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Sweetwater was the PRIMARY sponsor of the NABBA contest in 2017

Peter Graham who wrote the test piece for each division was given the President's Award. Mr. Graham will be the "composer in residence" for Black Dyke for 2017

Youth Open Division
2nd Triangle Youth Academy Brass Band
1st Fountain City Youth Brass Band

Youth Division
2nd Motor City Youth Brass Band
1st Fountain City Youth Honor Band

Third Division
2nd Fountain City Youth Academy
1st Milwaukee Festival Youth Brass

Second Division
2nd Fillmore Philharmonic Brass Band
1st Rockville Brass Band

First Division
2nd Pikes Peak Brass Band
1st Weston Silver Band

Championship Division
3rd James Madison University Brass Band
2nd Fountain City Brass Band
1st Atlantic Brass Band