About Us

We are a site that provides discussion and information on everything related to radio along with the content provided on the radio.

Discuss the history of radio, any content such as music, news, talk shows, and explore each side of the characters who can inspire many people.

As a site that takes part in the online world as a website, we of course understand how radio is becoming obsolete and therefore we are here to give the public a fresh breeze about radio.

Being a source of information that seeks to restore glory to electronic media sources, namely radio, we strive to present something of interest to the public.


Making radio as a source of information that is active, current, and also useful for the community.


1. Always provide the best and most appropriate information.
2. Presenting radio references that are trusted and also useful.
3. Answer all questions related to radio – radio throughout the world.

Of course we have a big view in the hope that the public can see the radio on a different side and make radio a necessary tool in getting the latest information.