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The following list has been requested by listeners. What bands and albums are currently in the playlist? I will do my best to keep this list current. All Brass Band Radio is constantly changing tracks and adding and removing tracks. That is why your votes on the main page are so important!

Also, you can look for your favorite band (or maybe your band). If you do not see something that might be interesting to All Brass Radio, you can make a suggestion. Just send an email to
Jim. Also, if your band wants some free publicity and airtime, feel free to donate a CD. Address is on the front page or email me to do so electronically (various methods are available).

The very first band to donate a CD to the station, probably about 15 years ago was
Guernsey Concert Brass. Tracks from the CD are on the playlist today. I do not just play tracks from the very top ranked bands, but like to play many various bands (they do have to be a reasonable quality).

You will find lots of Salvation Army Bands, US Bands, European Bands, Australian Bands and even one band from Japan! They play alongside some of the top bands from the United Kingdom, although some European bands and even US bands have started to sneak up the "
top band list."

This list is quite long, and it changes frequently. I have hundreds of brass band CDs, that at the moment that no tracks are being programmed currently. But to keep the list from becoming "stale" tracks are changed out. Again, I love suggestions.

I am pleased that governments around the world have contributed and hope they continue to do so. The
US Army Brass Band, The British Army Brass Band, The Swiss Army Brass Band, HM Royal Marines Fanfare Team, and the New Zealand Army Brass Band are fine representatives of their countries (not all bands above have direct links, this is the best I could find).

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