Sparke's New Piece "Greatest Show"
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    Sparke's New Piece "Greatest Show"

    by docfox » Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:25 am

    The Greatest Show - Philip Sparke

    The Greatest Showman is definitely one of the most popular movie musicals of recent years. The film's stunning lead performance by Hugh Jackman and its touching score have made this picture an instant classic. The mind-blowing theme song 'The Greatest Show' is here arranged for brass band by Philip Sparke.

    That is the publicity blurb. Here is my take on it. All the brass band pieces related to the smash hit "The Greatest Showman" have been compilations. Philip Sparke has taken the opening track to the movie and made it into a piece itself. The opener is a great musical work. Philip Sparke's talent is renowned. I have a feeling this will be a great piece. It is quite new and sells for £50.00. (see: ... ke-dehaske)

    I tried to write a Trombone Choir of this piece. I will finish it someday -- but I can tell it takes a lot of arranging to make it sound good, and with Philip Sparke, good is hardly in his vocab. Greatness is!

    This is my opinion. I receive nothing for reviewing the piece.
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