Atlantic Brass Band going to the UK
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    Atlantic Brass Band going to the UK

    by docfox » Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:34 pm


    Atlantic Brass Band has been invited this year to the UK to play in one of the UK's finest contests, Brass in Concert. Another sign of how good the US Bands are becoming and are ever increasing respect they are getting.

    I invite you to read the 4barsrest article on Atlantic BB's upcoming trip.
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    Re: Atlantic Brass Band going to the UK

    by molefsky » Sun Dec 23, 2018 5:12 am

    I wonder if they'll do the same with the 2018 winner of the U.S. Open.
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    Re: Atlantic Brass Band going to the UK

    by admin » Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:09 pm

    For several years now, Fountain City has gone to Brass In Concert and has finished as high as second. They have NOT always won the US Open, but they get return invites. I doubt one win at the US Open would be enough to get an invite.

    I think once a band gets to a certain level, the invites keep coming. Although Atlantic Brass Band finished last, the normally vicious brass banding reporters exclaimed how well they did for their first time at such a competition overseas. A lot of praise was given.

    One reporter said this:

    It's been a great day here at Sage Gateshead and its rounded off with something for proud Brits to feel at home with — especially when it comes courtesy of American friends with a theme based on Liberty and The Age of Empires.

    The Asphalt was burning hot with the opening — played with pulsating, throbbing drive before we had a lovely homage to those lost in times of conflict — with Chris Bond's touching tribute to Welshman Ivor Novello.

    Frank Renton did his bit alongside powerful imagery to give people time for reflective thought.

    It was powerful stuff that really stirred the soul and brought home the sacrifices of so many. A world premiere of Daniel Hall's cornet solo is a fine piece of work — very well played by the soloist, despite the little glitch to start.

    The worldwide influences continued with the evocative Mongolian Folk Song, with a super euph lead and quartet ensemble. That took you to a place not many people thought they would go to in the mind's eye today. Super stuff.

    The spin through Moscow in a little Trabant car was handled expertly with a few more revs than you suspect an old Russian banger could have produced under the hood.

    It' was all rounded off with masterful Respighi via Howard Snell — and its full throttle playing had plenty in reserve too. That took some playing, but they accomplished it in a fine manner.

    A well-constructed show that also had a well-tempered balance and focus [sic] on what was an impressive debut from the Americans.

    With reviews like that, my guess is Atlantic will be invited back again.

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