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Forum Guidelines and Rules
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    Forum Guidelines and Rules

    by admin » Fri Oct 26, 2018 4:06 am

    Welcome to All Brass Radio's phpBB Forum!

    This board is to discuss anything about brass banding or instrumental music in general. The goal is to do this in a polite and decent manner without foul language or without personal attacks.

    This does NOT mean you have to agree with any point made. Disagree with the POINT or idea, not the person making the point.

    Instant no warning removals could happen for the following actions:

    Foul Language
    Sexual Innuendo
    Attacking a person
    Or anything that may be impolite

    Does that mean you have to agree with the adjudication at the last contest? NO, we want your opinions. But if someone has a different opinion, then they should make their case without attacking the poster who started the thread.

    This board should be "G" rated. Consider that your remarks might be read by eight-year-olds.

    And please be willing to give advice. A new cornet player may ask for suggestions on how to practice. Older players please be patient with them and give them some good advice.

    Your Avatar (personal icon) can be as large as 200 x 200 pixels. And they can be pictures, or whatever (as long as it is tasteful). Unlike some boards, I have set aside some disk space to accommodate larger and better quality avatar pictures.

    If you have a picture you would like to use, but do not have the tools or knowledge to resize it, send it to me at the email address below. I will be glad to give you some assistance.

    Note: Legitimate businesses can contact the Admin and make a payment to post products for sale from their stores. Individual users can post items for sale for free as long as they do not abuse the privilege.

    Feel free to contact me with questions, any problems, or suggestions. You can reach me at the following email: admin@allbrassradio.com.

    Dr. Jim Fox
    Owner of All Brass Radio
    Forum Admin
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