Low Eastman Line
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    Low Eastman Line

    by docfox » Sat Nov 03, 2018 3:37 pm

    I'll start the discussion here.

    IMO, friends do not let friends buy the low (cheap) end of the Eastman line. Now every top-of-the-line Eastman trombone I have played the sell 3K to the 4K range has been terrific! Sooth and nice with a beautiful sound.

    It is the inexpensive Eastman line I am talking about. I had a plethora of reasons to sell my euph. Time went by and I was playing my trombone full time. But a concert band I played in needed a strong euph player. So I bought an Eastman euph off eBay.

    Horrid instrument. Very hard to play in tune. After a two hour rehearsal, I would be exhausted from "lipping" notes up and down to try and stay in tune. While this line of Eastman is made in China, the true Chinese knockoffs selling for near nothing sound better and are more in tune.

    The Eastman line comes with a good name, and costs double or more what Chinese knockoffs sell for, and are awful IMO.

    Granted not everyone, especially young players, can afford to spend thousands on an instrument. But for my money Eastman is not the way to go.
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    So you play euph Jim !Re: Low Eastman Line

    by Flugelia » Tue Dec 18, 2018 8:11 pm

    One of my fav instrument ! What a sweet sound when you have a good one ! But I have been told it takes a long time to be a good euph player... A big instrument ! I could touch a euph after a concert ! quite heavy !

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