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Fans, An upgrade to the apps is coming soon. I am aware of several problems. I had to pay royalties this month so there is no joy for an update this month, but one is coming soon!

Dear fellow brass band enthusiasts. For almost 12 years I have run this station. I was in a nasty car accident and I have been diagnosed this with:

Good news! … It is a surgery that was and will be scheduled. June 12th was the original date. When I got there, despite the fact I was diabetic, the surgery was halted. What does diabetes have to do with it? Most diabetics have some swelling near their ankles. I was sent home to get rid of the swelling. My Physician gave me some water pills and voila the swelling went down. But my back, for which the surgery was supposed to aid, siezed up and I fell down the stars. No big deal and they only thing they could do for me was get me on pain killers (which I was already on) and an antibiotic to prevent any infection. Without $500 to $1000 for a battery of x-rays, they figured I sprained my big toe or had a micro fracture. The treatment is the same either way. My new surgery date should be around late July or August.

More good news. Many very kind listeners have given a subscription donation. I still could use some more, but I have just enough to make sure the radio station will continue into the foreseeable future. You can still make a donation. That would allow me to buy more CDs from bands and increase the variation a bit more. Right now, 525 tracks play randomly over a several day period. The voting system really helps. I know which tracks are popular and which are not. I try to put up new tracks when several tracks get very low votes and are removed from the playlist.

Thanks to all who have given donations. Your generosity has warmed my heart and will keep the radio station “on the air.”

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Subscription Donation

It takes several hundred dollars a month to keep the radio station running. I believe in the idea of bringing the music to with few or little advertising. If a fraction of the listeners of All Brass Radio would donate $5 a month, the station would run smoothly without any ads at all. Would you consider a small monthly donation?

Top 20 voted on tracks for MAY 2016

Glenn Van Looy with Manger Musikklag
Montclair Citadel Band - Resurgam
Richard Marshall with Black Dyke Band
Sellers Engineering Band - Crown Imperial
Canadian Staff Band - The Power of Your Love
Enfield Citadel Band - Rosehill
Kirsty Abbotts (Cornet) with Carlton Main Frickley
Sheona White & YBS Band - The Piper o' Dundee
Houston Brass Band - A Bugler's Holiday
Enfield Citadel Band - Song of the Eternal

International Staff Band - The Redcliffe March
Flowers Band - Russian Folk Festival
Amsterdam Staff Band - Tu Es Petrous (Lay A Garland)
Willebroek Brass Band - Starchaser
Fodens Courtois Band - The Irish Blessing
Kirkintilloch Band - Mission Impossible
Owen Farr with Cory Band - Autumn Leaves
Mark Wilkinson with Foden's Band - Glorious Ventures
Flowers Band - Ride
Black Dyke Band - Love Story

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has been the voice of ALL BRASS RADIO for a long time. He has helped the station immensely and at reasonable rate since the radio station became independent and fully on the air!

Donated CDs from Various Bands

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Gabriel V offers the best in fanfare and solo brass works, presenting distinctive programs from classics of the Venetian School to contemporary works, as well as audience favorites such as elegant jazz and holiday fare. Gabriel V collaborates frequently with Gloriæ Dei Cantores choir, and has toured 23 countries in the U.K., Europe, and Russia, and by invitation performed works by Gabrieli for the 900th anniversary celebration of Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy. In the U.S. they have performed in 49 cities from New York to San Francisco. Gabriel V has been featured in recordings with Gloriæ Dei Cantores, highlighting their extensive and exciting repertoire. Gabriel V’s third solo recording, Celebration in Brass, has been recently released.

If you donate your band’s CD

I will play tracks from the CD on the station (unless it is just awful — after about 50 donated CDs I have had only one couldn’t use) and I will put the cover image above with some notes attached. The notes you can write or I will write something after visiting your website and/or reading the CD cover information. If I get a few CDs, I will have them rotate. The cover image will have a link to your band’s website or to a CD seller’s site where listener’s can buy the CD. I love donations of CDs and try to give donors as much publicity as I can.


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