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Donations and Sponsors Keep the Station going.
Please consider giving a little bit if you enjoy the station

I have a phone number in the UK: +44 2392 16 0663 I would be happy to talk to anyone in the UK, but you need to remember the time difference.

In Indiana, USA, the time is -6 GMT. This is an experiment. I hope to get a few calls -- if not I will not pay for the number. I would be happy to talk about brass banding, the radio station, or just chat. If I do not answer, leave a message and a good time to talk. Sorry, but I only speak English.

My radio email is I would also love to have emails, especially about banding and the station. My USA number is +1-812-453-4350. A discussion board is in the works and should be ready soon (to talk about banding and the station). -- Jim
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Thanks to the British Army Brass Band for the donation of their CD.
Many tracks were used from this wonderful Brass Band of the UK Army. Thanks again.
Remember, you can always donate a CD from your band and get some airtime!

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The East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band is one of the top brass bands in the world and is probably one of the most successful band ever during its twenty-three year history. It has achieved promotion in almost consecutive years through the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st divisions and then promoted to the North of England Championship Section

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8 tracks are now playing from the CD from the West Yorkshire Police Band.
This band was kind enough to send a CD to the station.

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The Driffield Silver Band was kind enough to donate the latest CD. Many of the tracks are in the playlist. Visit their website to find out more.

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VoxJunction has been the voice of ALL BRASS RADIO for a long time. He has helped the station immensely and at reasonable rate since the radio station became independent and fully on the air!

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All Brass Radio
Dr. Jim Fox
4733 Scenic Drive, Apt. A
Newburgh, Indiana USA

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Skype: JollyPlayer

Email is the best way to reach me:

If you would like to consider having your band playing on All Brass Radio, please donate a CD to the above address. Normally I feature donated CDs. There have been only two occasions I did not play at least one track from a donated CD. Both times the band's quality was too poor and I did not want to embarrass them. If you have recent recordings, but have not made a recent CD I have a DropBox you can upload the track or tracks to. I also am going to start collecting band pictures for an online gallery and a discussion board as my time, money, and health permit.

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