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October 2017

1. Cory Band - Day of the Dragon Special
2. International Staff Band - Fire in the Blood
3. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band - You Raise Me Up (Kirsty Abbotts, Cornet)
4. Brass Band de Waldand - The Flying Doctors
5. Hitchin Band - Death or Glory
6. Polysteel Band - Bendictus From The Armed Man
7. Virtuosi GUS Band - Themes from Silverado
8. Hitchin Band - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Mike Thorn, Trombone)
9. Brass Band Burgermusik Luzern - Star Trek: The Voyage Home
10. Spiritual To The 'Bone - Linus & Lucy

11. Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band - Love Changes Everything
12. NSK-RHP Ransom Band - John Williams The Movies
13. International Staff Band - Quest Trilogy Special
14. Black Dyke Band - Theme From "Crimson Tide"
15. EYMS Brass Band - The Old Rugged Cross
16. Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band - Rhapsody In Blue
17. Black Dyke Mills Band - Mars, The Bringer of War
18. Kirkintilloch Band - Hymn To The Fallen (Saving Private Ryan)
19. Foden’s Richardson Band - The Firebird - Infernal Dance & Final Hymn
20. Brass Band Berner Oberland - The Barber Of Seville Overture
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The worldwide popularity of All Brass Radio has certainly been shown in October with a record number of voters taking the opportunity to make their opinion felt on 65 brand new tracks via the Top 20 list.

And the top spot is now held by the world's number 1 ranked band, as Cory' s 'Day of the Dragon Special' leads the way.

Cory special
Presenter Jim Fox told 4BR: "Specials are new to All Brass Radio. In Cory's case the 'Special' came from the CD 'Day of the Dragon' recorded back in 2004.

An introduction is recorded and then the tracks are spliced into one track. The tracks spliced movements from the 'Day of the Dragon' including 'Overture', 'Lullaby', 'Welsh Clog Dance', 'Ballad' and 'Triumph'."

Abbots rising
Another 'Special' also made the Top 20 from the International Staff Band. In all, there are 10 specials in the playlist.

Other interesting notes include the continued popularity of the dynamic 'Fire in the Blood' by the ISB and the rise of Kirsty Abbots up the list. A little known tune from an Australian TV show, 'The Flying Doctors' also keeps moving up the list.

Out of about 570 tracks, only two are not brass bands — both trombone choirs. Spiritual to the Bone makes the list once again with their rendition of 'Linus and Lucy'.

All Brass Radio is a free All Brass Band Radio Station that plays tracks every day of the year, commercial-free, thanks to the generosity of the donors.
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There are now several "specials" programmed on the station. These are pieces that come in 3 to 6 movements and can be as long as 20 minutes. Many bands record such specials and put them in separate tracks. All Brass Radio has combined them into a single track for our listener's enjoyment. Feedback, as always, is welcome.

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All Brass Band Radio is OFFICIALLY an iTunes Radio Station. Apple has made dramatic changes to iTunes 12.7 (the latest version). So how do you listen to the station? Easy. Go to the top menu and select RADIO. The under the FILE menu select OPEN STREAM and enter — thats it 😀

You can still do it the sort of old-fashioned way. Pick radio on the side, select the genre "eclectic" and not too far down the list is All Brass Radio.

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has been the voice of ALL BRASS RADIO for a long time. He has helped the station immensely and at reasonable rate since the radio station became independent and fully on the air!
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German Voice Promos provided by Heike Bachmann Voice Overs. She has also provided voice material at a very reasonable rate to All Brass Band Radio.

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Thanks also to Mica and Judy Calfee who generously donated their services to provide spots and special introductions. This gave some "American Voices" to the mix.
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Fusako Shiotani, a Japanese Voice-Over Artist, has provided at a reasonable cost promos in Japanese. We are happy to have her talents and gifts on the station.

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Originally formed as the Wheaton Brass Band by Yorkshire-born Herb Roselle in 1984, the three-time National Champion Atlantic Brass Band, is one of the premier volunteer performing ensembles in the greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area and are artists-in-residence at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. Comprised of professional musicians, professors, educators, and community members, the band is committed to bringing the arts to the community through entertainment, educational collaborations, and fundraising efforts for local schools and charities.

In 2017, Atlantic Brass Band was the NABBA National Champions!

The band has been privileged to work with world renowned musicians, conductors, adjudicators, and composers Phil Harper, the Cory Band, Steve Sykes, Garry Cutt, Mark Frost, Ronald Waiksnoris, the New York Staff Band, Tyrone Breuninger, Stephen Bulla, James Gourlay, Dr. Nicholas Childs, the Black Dyke Band, Philip Smith, Peter Graham, Iain David Culross, Ronald Romm, Jens Lindemann, Peter Graham, Brett Baker, Peter Bond, Craig Roberts, and David Childs.

Recent initiatives to promote brass banding include the inception of the Mid-Atlantic Brass Band Festival in 2012, an annual event including masterclasses, clinics, solo competitions, and band performances that culminated in 2016 with hosting the #1 brass band in the world, the Cory Band from Wales, UK, as well as the collaborative effort with Rowan Prep to form the Rowan Prep Atlantic Youth Brass Band, an introductory brass band experience for area middle and high school musicians.

Atlantic Brass Band graciously donated this CD. Your band can do the same. Contact Jim Fox for more information.

If you donate your band’s CD
I will play tracks from the CD on the station (unless it is just awful — after about 80 donated CDs I have had only one couldn’t use) and I will put the cover image above with some notes attached. The notes you can write or I will write something after visiting your website and/or reading the CD cover information. If I get a few CDs, I will have them rotate. The cover image will have a link to your band’s website or to a CD seller’s site where listener’s can buy the CD. I love donations of CDs and try to give donors as much publicity as I can.
headphones Feel free to call me. Have suggestions? Want to talk about Brass Bands? Ideas for improving the station? You can call or Skype (my Skype name is JollyPlayer). Unfortunately, I only speak English.

United States (+1) 812 453 4350
United Kingdom (+44) 02392 16 0663

Dr. Jim Fox

Mailing Address:
214 N. Fourth Street
Boonville, Indiana 47601
United States of America