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For about the last 2 years, this station has been playing a random assortment of tracks from a library of about 1350. I deleted all the tracks and started over - uploading new tracks and old favorites. I own just short of 300 brass band CDs.

I took down the drum corps pieces. They were not very popular. Mostly I selected new tracks from the CDs I owned that were not in the playlist, and I purchased some new CDs (which I have not done in about 2 years). There are MANY new tracks and I kept the favorites. I also reduced the number of tracks to less than 600.

Note: You will have to restart your browser or player to pick up the new tracks!

Other changes including a voting system are coming. Soon you will be able to vote for your favorite tracks and least favorite tracks. Low rated tracks will be removed and replaced. Thanks for listening! Remember the station is free -- I depend on donations.

If your company would like to run an ad -- very low prices can be negotiated.

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Thanks to the British Army Brass Band for the donation of their CD.
Many tracks were used from this wonderful Brass Band of the UK Army. Thanks again.
Remember, you can always donate a CD from your band and get some airtime!

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The East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band is one of the top brass bands in the world and is probably one of the most successful band ever during its twenty-three year history. It has achieved promotion in almost consecutive years through the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st divisions and then promoted to the North of England Championship Section

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8 tracks are now playing from the CD from the West Yorkshire Police Band.
This band was kind enough to send a CD to the station.

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The Driffield Silver Band was kind enough to donate the latest CD. Many of the tracks are in the playlist. Visit their website to find out more.

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