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There are several tracks playing on All Brass Radio that have the word "Special" in the title. What does that mean?

On many brass band CDs, there are tunes in three to six movements (and more!). They are formed as separate tracks on the CDs. All Brass Radio has combined them into one track and placed them into the playlist.

Special means a multi-movement track is playing, which if you purchased the CD yourself, it would not show up as a single track.

Vote below the Player above for your
Favorite and Least Favorite Tracks
using the stars. 1 is awful and 5 is terrific. Some Old (to see how far we have come or how good the old bands were) And MANY of the latest CDs on the Market!

Here is how the votes
will be interpreted:

5 Stars = One of the Very Best Tracks!
4 Stars = A very good Track
3 Stars = An OK track - Middle of the Pack
2 Stars = A not so good of a Track
1 Star = Lousy Track, Please Consider Removing it!

You can also vote in 1/2 stars

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All Brass Band Radio is OFFICIALLY an iTunes Radio Station. So how do you listen to the station? Easy. Go to the top menu and select RADIO. The under the FILE menu select OPEN STREAM and enter — thats it 😀
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Buying or have a stand-alone internet radio? You may need to find All Brass Radio. In addition to Loveland, CO you might look for listings in Newburgh, IN. The station has changed its address within the last year.

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If you donate your band’s CD
I will play tracks from the CD on the station unless it is just awful (after about 90 donated CDs I have had only one couldn’t use) and I will put the cover image above with some notes attached. The notes you can write or I will write something after visiting your website and/or reading the CD cover information. If I get a few CDs, I will have them rotate. The cover image will have a link to your band’s website or to a CD seller’s site where listener’s can buy the CD. I love donations of CDs and try to give donors as much publicity as I can.
headphones Feel free to drop me a note. Have suggestions? Want to talk about Brass Bands? Ideas for improving the station? Email me Dr. Jim Fox (

Mailing Address:
Dr. Jim Fox
605 West 57th Street, Lot 35
Loveland, Colorado 80538
United States of America
UK +44 2392 16 0663

June Top 20 List
Published July 1, 2019
As Voted on by the

1. Benedictus from the Armed Man - Polysteel Band
2. Rolling Thunder - Brass Band of Central Florida
3. Endeavor - International Staff Band
4. New World Symphony - Roberts Bakery Band
5. Star Lake - Pikes Peak Brass Band
6. Marching Onward - International Staff Band
7. The Melody Shop - Black Dyke Band
8. Jenny Jones - Tredegar Brass Band (Soloist, Chris Davies)
9. The Entry of the King - Brighouse & Rastrick
10. Liberty Fanfare - Kirkintilloch Band

11. Napoli - Black Dyke Band (Soloist, Katrina Marzella)
12. Dundonnell - Brighouse & Rastrick
13. Tossing Feathers - Flowers Band
14. Wind Beneath My Wings - Brass Band of the Potomac
15. Pyrotechnic Variations On 1812 - Woodfalls Band
16. Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen - Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band (Soloist, Kirsty Abbotts)
17. The Pink Panther - Houston Brass Band
18. The Barber Of Seville Overture - Brass Band Berner Oberland
19. Hallelujah - Amsterdam Brass Band
20. Till There Was You - BNFL Band

Tracks Recently Added from these Newly Released Recordings

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Voices of All Brass Radio

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Alan has been the voice of ALL BRASS RADIO for a long time. He has helped the station immensely and at reasonable rate since the radio station became independent and fully on the air!
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German Voice Promos provided by Heike Bachmann Voice Overs. She has also provided voice material at a very reasonable rate to All Brass Band Radio.

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Thanks also to Mica and Judy Calfee who generously donated their services to provide spots and special introductions. This gave some "American Voices" to the mix.
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Fusako Shiotani, a Japanese Voice-Over Artist, has provided at a reasonable cost promos in Japanese. We are happy to have her talents and gifts on the station.

Recently Donated CDs

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As a Donation

Stephen Brain donated six CDs from the top Australian band, Brisbane Excelsior. He is not a player, but a fan of great music. He purchased, and paid shipping costs to the US.

Brisbane Excelsior Band has entertained generations of Australians through concerts, parades, park performances, opening events, ceremonial marches, vice-regal occasions and corporate bookings.

A highly competitive Queensland band, Brisbane Excelsior Band has been on a winning streak in recent years, having been the only brass band to have successfully won four Australian National Championship titles and two New Zealand National Championships consecutively.

The band’s repertoire is extremely diverse, performing classical, light classical, musical comedy, traditional swing, contemporary and sacred music

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A Tremendous Collection
from the
Brass Band of the
Western Reserve

The Brass Band of the Western Reserve donated almost all the CDs they have released in the last decade. This collection has been a treasure trove!

Many tracks not recorded on the 700 other brass band CDs owned by All Brass Radio are in the collection. They are now part of the playlist.

“We’re forming a band and we’re aiming high!” was the message sent out to local brass players and percussionists in 1997 when it was discovered that the experienced and successful British brass band director, Dr. Keith M. Wilkinson, was residing in Northeast Ohio. That these ambitious sentiments have been amply achieved can be judged by the many impressive performances the band has carried out since that time.

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